Mark Adair-Rios is a busy man. He has appeared in numerous plays, feature films and television during his tenure as an actor. Among his many films are: Along Came Polly with Ben Stiller and Philip Seymor Hoffman, Bruce Almighty with Jim Carrey, Stigmata with Gabriel Byrne, Courage Under Fire with Denzel Washington, Crocodile Dundee In LA, Dr. Dolittle with Eddie Murphy, Speed 2 and Fool’s Rush In with Matthew Perry & Salma Hayek. Also look for Mark in the indy films Zero Hour, The Longest Yardsale, Flying Virus, Stealth Fighter and more..

He has also racked up many television roles over the last 13 years, most notably: A recurring roles on Jericho, CSI: Miami and the ABC show MD's. He's had guest starring parts on Cold Case, Las Vegas, Navy NCIS, Cuts, ER, Threat Matrix, JAG, According To Jim, The Division, Tracy Takes On, Diagnosis Murder, and a recurring role as Nicholas Torturro’s drug-addicted brother on NYPD Blue.

Mark is starting production in Bouncers at The Lost Studio in Los Angeles, having just finished Murray Mednick's Out of The Blue. Previously Mark costarred in Nowhere on The Border by Carlos Lacamara and Haunted Heart at the Lost Studio. He also had a successful 8 week run of Idiot's Delight at the Lilian Theatre, and a 4-week run of Mason Alexander's, And They Buried God at Theatre / Theatre. He also appeared in Carlos Lacamara’s critically acclaimed Becoming Cuban at the Hudson Theatre. Mark also played the lead in Harold Pinter’s A Night Out, and was featured in Night School, both part of the critically acclaimed Lost Studio Pinter Project.

Mark is also on the teaching staff of Les Enfants Magiques!, a classical children's theatre at The Lost Studio. He spends his spare time playing guitar, writing a new poetry book, and looking for new adventures. You can find a complete online resume for Mark HERE

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